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Fight Pain, Live Better!

Please take 3 minutes to watch the video below and understand how we’ve helped thousands of people just like you relieve their pain and get back doing the things they love.

How can we help?


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Rated 240+ Times

Ballinlough, Cork City,
Carrigaline & Cobh

Free Parking

Same / Next Day & 
Saturday Bookings

We have over 240 Five-Star google Reviews. 

We have early, late, same day and Saturday appointments and you can usually be seen within 48 hours

We treat problems with joints, muscles, ligaments, tendons and the nervous system. We particularly specialise in back pain, neck pain and sports injuries, but if it hurts, we can usually help

We're covered by major health insurers. You may be entitled to claim back a substantial part of the appointment fee

What happens on your first visit to Physio Rooms?

That first session is really important and we cover a lot of ground.
Your first session is 45 minutes long and will aim to answer a few key questions

1. What is my injury?

2. What caused it?

3. How long will it take to fix?

4. How much will it cost?

01. History

The Therapist will ask you lots of questions to understand the problem you have, and how it is affecting your life. They want to know exactly what you want to achieve with treatment.


Body Scan

Using that information they will then do a series of tests and movements to confirm their diagnosis. They will also look at the body as a whole to find the root cause of the problem

03. Educate

They will explain the likely diagnosis as we know how important it is you understand what’s going on. They will explain the reasons why you've sustained the injury as well as the step by step plan to get you back to your best.

04. Restore

Then, if it’s appropriate, they will start hands on treatment with the aim of reducing pain, restoring range of movement and muscle function.

05. Resilience

You will be given a set of exercises specific to you and your presenting injury. These will likely change over time but will build resilience to reduce the likelihood of the issue returning. 

You will leave your first session with a complete understanding of what’s causing your pain, what we can do to help, what you need to do, and exactly how we’re going to get you feeling great again..


Don’t worry, we won’t bombard with you hundreds of exercises or tell you to stop your favourite activities unless it’s totally necessary.


James has been an excellent physio during my recovery from a knee operation, he has been patient when I haven’t, listened when I worried and encouraging when I had doubts about how far I could go. He also helped me greatly previously with a persistent hamstring tendinopathy. A great service to have in the area. Would thoroughly recommend James and the team at Physio Rooms Cork.


Padraig Sheehan

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