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Are You Looking For a Physiotherapy Clinic in Cork?

Expert Physiotherapists and Sports Injury Specialists Conveniently Located for Residents of Ballinlough, Douglas, Blackrock, Carrigaline, and Crosshaven. 


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Ballinlough, Cork City &

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Client's Reviews

James has been an excellent physio during my recovery from a knee operation, he has been patient when I haven’t, listened when I worried and encouraging when I had doubts about how far I could go. He also helped me greatly previously with a persistent hamstring tendinopathy. A great service to have in the area. Would thoroughly recommend James and the team at Physio Rooms Cork.


Padraig Sheehan

Comprehensive Pain Relief And Rehabilitation Services

Our dedicated physiotherapy services offer a comprehensive approach to pain relief and rehabilitation. This includes specialized care for recovery from joint surgical treatments, addressing injuries, improving sleep quality, and providing long-term relief. With our support, you can move past recurring issues and reduce your dependence on painkillers, ultimately regaining your vitality and health

Our Treatments
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What can we help you with?

Access expert pain relief tips with our free, downloadable Info Packs, crafted by physiotherapy specialists for comprehensive guidance on pain-related issues

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Expert Physiotherapy Care
at Physio Room Cork

Physio Room Cork offers top-notch physiotherapy services, providing expert care and personalized solutions to enhance your well-being and address a variety of physical challenges.

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Dealing with Constant Lower Back Pain? What Are Your Options for Relief?

Are you looking to alleviate pain, restore functionality, and improve your quality of life without relying on pain medication or undergoing surgery?




Downloaded over 2500+ times

Does any of this sound familiar?

Are you struggling with back, neck and joint pain

Do you have an injury thats stopping you from exercising?​


Are you looking for a physio in the Douglas / Blackrock / Ballinlough / Carrigaline / Crosshaven area?


Is the pain disturbing your sleep?​​


Have you had treatment elsewhere and found it just keeps reoccurring?



Is your pain stopping you from feeling like yourself during the day?

If you've said 'YES' to any of these questions, rest assured, you're in good company. At Physio Rooms, we encounter similar stories daily and have the precise EXPERTISE needed to assist you

What We Treat


Back Pain

Shoulder Pain

Knee Pain

Neck Pain

Plantar Fasciitis

Joint Replacements

Anterior Cruciate Ligament

And much more....



Sports Injury Rehabilitation

Post Surgery Rehabilitation

Physio Led Training

Online Physiotherapy

Physio Led Sport Massage 

Therapeutic Massage

Dry Needling

See Our Wide Range of Massage Treatments

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I'm James Malone, the owner of Physio Rooms. It's my pleasure to welcome you to our practice. At Physio Rooms, we are committed to providing top-notch physiotherapy services tailored to your unique needs. Our dedicated team of professionals is here to support you on your journey to improved health and mobility. Feel free to reach out with any questions or concerns—I'm here to ensure your experience with Physio Rooms is exceptional.

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5 Reasons To Choose 
Physio Rooms Cork

Receive Expert Care from Specialists Focused Solely on Giving You The Best Treatment to Enhance Your Recovery

Join Hundreds of Satisfied Clients Who Have Successfully Returned to Their Favourite Activities Pain-Free

Gain Valuable Knowledge and Skills to Effectively Manage and Prevent Future Recurrences of Your Condition

Flexible Late Appointments Available to Fit Your Schedule

Convenient and Free Parking Right at Our Doorstep


  • What conditions does Physio Rooms treat?
    Physio Rooms specializes in a wide range of conditions, including injuries, chronic pain, and rehabilitation needs.
  • How long does a typical physiotherapy session last?
    Session durations vary, but a standard appointment is around 45 minutes to an hour, allowing for thorough assessment and treatment.
  • How long does a typical physiotherapy session last?
    Session durations vary, but a standard appointment is around 45 minutes to an hour, allowing for thorough assessment and treatment.
  • What should I expect during my first physiotherapy session?
    Your initial session involves a comprehensive assessment of your condition, discussing goals, and developing a personalized treatment plan.
  • Does Physio Rooms accept insurance, and what are the payment options?
    We accept various insurance plans. For payment, we offer flexible options, including direct billing and convenient payment methods.

How to find us

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We have clinics located in both Cork City and Carrigaline.

​Ballinlough(Cork City) & Carrigaline

Open 7am - 8am (Mon-Sat)

Free Parking Outside

Still unsure if physio is right for you?

Fill in the form and request a call from our team for free

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