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Are you NOT AT YOUR PHYSICAL BEST? At Physio Rooms we understand how frustrating pain can be, especially if it's restricting your life, sport or hobby. We Not Only Help Ease Your Pain But Find The Root Cause Of Your Symptoms & Design a Bespoke Plan Using Our 3-Step Approach

Your Initial Appointment will include:

  • A comprehensive assessment (finding the diagnosis and the identification of your injury’s causative factors).

  • An explanation of how long your recovery will take (the prognosis).

  • Identification of your treatment goals and desired outcomes

  • A roadmap and plan on how we get from point A (where you are now) to point B (where you want to get to)

  • Hands on treatment (to give you some immediate pain-relief and improvement of your condition or injury).

  • Outline of treatment options available to you (the cost).

  • The beginning of a home exercise program to help you immediately begin to make the best progress.

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