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Cork's Best Rated Physiotherapy Clinic

Expert Physiotherapy and Sport Injury Specialists dedicated to optimizing physical health and performance through personalized rehabilitation and injury prevention strategies.

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Rated 126+ Times
James got me through a bike injury in which my elbow & arm took the brunt.  Over a number of sessions and really good exercises I am wiggling all limbs again!   He has an obvious love for physio and is very good to explain the issue and solution.  110% recommend.

Mary O' Brien

Comprehensive Pain Relief And Rehabilitation Services

Our dedicated physiotherapy services are here  to address injuries, enhance sleep quality, and provide long-lasting relief. Say goodbye to recurring issues and painkillers, and regain your vitality.

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What can we help you with?

Discover valuable insights and guidance through downloadable PDF guides tailored to address a range of needs and inquiries.

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Premier Physiotherapy Care
at Physio Room Cork

Physio Room Cork offers top-notch physiotherapy services, providing expert care and personalized solutions to enhance your well-being and address a variety of physical challenges.

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